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Susan Charlip said...

We are desperate to get jars of the Pu Tien Mum Chili Sauce. We live in California and regularly bribe our friends and family to bring back as many jars as they are willing every time anyone visits Singapore. Any suggestions about how to recreate the recipe ourselves to try at home? we have bountiful chiles here from all over the world.

Bern said...

oh dear sorry i can't even begin to guess how they blend the chilli. there's def birds eye chilli, coriander leaves, lime and sugar in it, but that's as far my guesswork goes.

CI said...

This is the first time I'm reading your blog, can't tell you enough how happy I am to stumble across a blog like yours! I love how you pen honest thoughts and if I may, 'un-styled' food pictures. Totally unpretentious and straightforward! I mean why do we need flowers and random nicely painted nails beside food picture, we just want food as food. So, THANK YOU!

Bern said...

Hi CI!!!!

U r EXACTLY my kind of people!!!!! *hugz* This was always meant to be a food blog to air my opinions on food, in exactly the way i would tell my friends, coz i write the way i speak; with pictures that are far from professional but look true to form, so what u see in here is very often what you'd get yourself.

p.s. pls feel free to correct any grammatical/spelling mistakes u may see...i'm less meticulous than i'd like to be, write too fast, and seldom check my writing.

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