Whenuapai Bakehouse & Cafe, Auckland

No visit to Oz or NZ is complete without a serving of pie. It's the one food we crave when we think about either country. It features as one of our favourite comfort foods, so much so that it's become a mission of sorts to hunt down the best pies in whichever antipodean city we visit.

And I think we've found the best pies in all of Auckland. The brainchild of a Cambodian immigrant who's found his second home in Auckland for 15 years now, Whenuapai Bakehouse & Cafe (pronounced "fenuapai" because the Kiwis pronounce the "wh" sound like an "f") serves up a gamut of pies, spanning the traditional like steak and mince to the more hipster ones like chicken, cranberry & camembert. The baker-owner, who still helms the deck in his intrepid little cafe, really knows his pies. And clearly the locals agree: Whenuapai Bakery was awarded the coveted gold at the Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards. 

My personal favourites are the Mince ($4), Mince & Cheese ($4), Steak ($4), and Steak & Cheese ($4). They were luscious and glorious and sumptuous and so damn good, we actually returned, before checking in at the airport to bring some of them babies home to SG. Yup, that's how crazy we were about their pies. The mince pies kept well, and after a little heat in the toaster oven, were as good as new! That said, the breakfast-style Bacon & Egg ($4) was better fresh out of the oven, but much less so after sitting out.

Whenuapai Bakery
79 Brigham Creek
Auckland 0618
New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 416 5859
Open weekdays from 6.30am to 5pm
Saturdays from 7am to 4pm
Sundays from 7.30am to 4pm

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