Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Cut by Wolfgang Puck regularly features as one of the top steakhouses in SG. I'm personally partial to Ruth's Chris, but I thought it high time to check out the illustrious MBS tenant, it being on my to-eat since forever, and me never bothering to hit it up because I'm such a creature of habit.

While the steaks were superb, it was the side dishes that were truly outstanding. Typical comfort foods like mac & cheese and sauteed mushrooms were finessed with polish and elevated with the use of luxurious ingredients. If there was a reason to return to Cut, any of the unforgettable side dishes would be it. The steaks, while faultless, were also unmemorable in that they were no better than the meats at Ruth's Chris or Mortons.

Service was a mixed bag. Despite making reservations at the precise time of 8.30pm, we were only shown to our table 20 minutes after said reservation of 8.30pm. I was a hangry hulk by then, which hunger-induced anger would have been mollified if the front-of-house had bothered to offer us a seat at the bar instead of looking as blank as the space between her ears.

To exacerbate the situation, I was given looks of consternation when I very politely pointed out that my reservation was for 20 minutes ago. Like I was in some way wrong for being displeased?! Or that my displeasure was unjustifiable?! Urghh, what a major fail.

That said, the serving staff was the best:- cheerful, professional, efficient, and whose jovial nature quickly dissipated the abominable front-of-house. They were such lovely folks I was hesitant to bash the atrocious front-of-house. But, it is what it is. So although the front-of-house was abysmal, the serving staff were wonderful.

Still, would I return? Not unless a friend insisted on Cut's steaks. Cut wasn't bad, all things considered, but I much rather Ruth's Chris' authenticity and consistently fine service.

A must-try, the Asparagus & Poached Egg ($35), neatly stacked on a garlic butter toast and slathered with a mushroom marmalade bacon vinaigrette, was an OCD's dream. Each of the components shone on their own, but together, the dish sang, with the flavours harmonizing seamlessly. 

Complimentary starters of the most addictively delicious Gougeres, cheese puffs light as a cloud and so damn good I didn't want to share with the Hubs. If only I could buy these by the truckload, they'll make an incredible tv snack.

Amongst the array of bread, the Pretzel Bread was awesome. Chewy and flavoursome, this rendered the herbed butter superfluous. I confess, I had three helpings of this.

The Foccacia, on the other hand, was middling. It lacked flavour and aroma, and had obviously been left out too long, it'd gone hard and was dry and tough. 

The USDA Prime Ribeye ($99 for 395gm), corn-fed and aged 21 days, was grilled to a smoky perfection over hardwood and charcoal. There weren't any latticed sear lines, but it was scorched evenly through, so that gave the meat an all-over layer of char.

The USDA Prime Petit Filet Mignon ($80 for 170gm) was unbelievably juicy, the charred crust sealing in all those luscious juices. And for a small little thing, it was big on flavour.

The Cavatappi Pasta Mac & Cheese ($22) loaded with white cheddar for a more mellow bite, was topped with breadcrumbs for a textural contrast. Compelling and sumptuous, this was one of the best renditions of an American classic, and for sure a must-order.

I loved that the Wild Field Mushrooms ($24), a melange of shitake, shimeiji, and white button, was spiked with shishito peppers for a subtle heat. No need for pepper in this!

Also, feel free to ask sommelier for recommendations, we had the Sottano Malbec and Torbreck Shiraz at over $30 per glass, which were pricey but absolutely exquisite.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck
2 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands Galleria Level
The Shoppes B1-71
Tel: 6688 8517
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 5.30pm to 10pm;
Fridays & Saturdays from 5.30pm to 11pm

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