Potato Head Folk

We were devastated when Bruno Menard terminated his partnership at &Made. We'd loved the burgers there, and the celebrity chef's Midas touch proved crucial for the burger joint, as its tenure was short-lived after his exit.

So it was quite a joyous event when we discovered Potato Head Folk, an offshoot of the famed Bali hot spot. I mean, holy cow! The burgers here were truly ah-mazing: juicy, oozy, messy, drippy and totally scrumptious. Just be sure to have lots of wet-nap on hand, you'll need it to mop the dribble off your chin.

The casual bistro is located at the Keong Siak enclave, a 3-storey tower of kitsch decked out with irreverent knick knacks like an ironic burger lamp and frivolous statues. It's fun and playful, just like its approach to burgers.

The signature Truff Ryder ($36), a massive hunk of 120gm A5 Kagoshima Wagyu patty, was layered with a slab of seared foie gras, black truffle cheese, onion jam, and slapped with den miso mayo and ketchup, between fluffy demi-brioche buns. Sinfully indulgent, decadent, and an absolute must-try. 

Mushroom lovers (like myself) would probably take to the Fun Boy Three ($25), with a roasted portobello cap, and smoked cheese centered upon a hefty 120gm Hereford Angus Applewood cheddar aged beef patty, slicked with garlic miso butter, ketchup, and truffle aioli, and cuffed between demi-brioche buns. 

The Smokin' B-Boy ($25) had a local twist, with lashings of bawang goreng (golden fried shallots) laden on a 120gm Hereford Angus beef patty, melted smoked applewood cheese, crispy Dingley Dell beer & treacle bacon, burnished with bbq ketchup and smokey mayo. This boasted a subtle spiciness, which kick was bolstered by the smoky punch of the bacon and cheese. 

The Sticky Toffee Pudding ($6), wet with a toasted coconut butterscotch sauce, was surprisingly delicious, in no small part due to the gula melaka slathered all over the luscious cake. Clotted cream provided a cool contrast. It's a teeny weeny portion, but that was alrightey with us; we were stuffed to the gills having finished 3 burgers between the 2 of us. 

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Siak Road
Tel: 6327 1939
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 12midnight; Closed on Mondays

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