Kaiho Sushi

Cuppage Plaza may look dodgy AF, but it's a veritable trove of cheap eateries, especially those of the Japanese persuasion. Like, there's one Japanese restaurant for every other fogged-up KTV lounge, which may explain the prevalence of Japanese men thronging the dingy mall.

One of the more popular spots is Kaiho Sushi, a tiny cramped space frequented by locals and Japanese expats alike. The 15-odd-seater capacity is a blessing in disguise really, because Kaiho Sushi is a one man show. Seriously. When we were there for lunch, the chef was whizzing about, doubling up as the waiter and sometimes, tripling up as cashier. Halfway through, his dishwasher stepped in to help out with the clearing of tables and cashiering duties.

Food-wise, I wouldn't venture that it's the most authentic or exquisite. But, the sushi passed muster, and the cooked fare was commendably executed. Best to pick from the aburi section of the menu, there were a number of standouts here. In all, Kaiho Sushi would make for a worthwhile mass-market type meal, with affordable prices and generous portions.

The Sake Sashimi ($15) and Hamachi Sashimi ($30) weren't dirt-cheap, but the salmon and yellowtail were sliced thickly. They weren't the best cuts of fish, but fresh and sweet enough.

A must-try, we smelled the Aburi Wagyu Beef Sushi ($15) even before it arrived on our table. This was more beef than rice, and the sticky sweet yakitori sauce slathered all over only served to enhance the smoky char of the meat.

The Aburi Spicy Tuna Maki ($12) was a smidge clunky in execution, but big on flavour. And size. I'm relatively big-mouthed, but even I couldn't fit one into my mouth.

The Ebi Tempura ($15) was decently battered, but the prawns were a little tasteless.

I liked the Edamame ($9) which was served steaming hot and beautifully salted.

Kaiho Sushi
#03-01 Cuppage Plaza
5 Koek Road
Tel: 9734 9822
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 12noon to 2.30pm for lunch; 6.30pm to 11pm for dinner
Closed on Mondays

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