Adam Road Food Centre

Adam Road Food Centre may be famous for its delicious nasi lemak peddlers, but the humble little hawker center has a bunch of other stalls worthy of a visit.

Warong Pak Sapari

The Mee Soto ($3.50) is one of the very best on the island, with a clear broth rich, heady and spicy all at once. Studded with shredded chicken chunks and beansprouts, this is a must-try. A tip is to drizzle that black sauce-chilli blend and swirl it in for an added kick. Apparently, their mee rebus is quite legendary as well, but alas, they'd sold out for the day when we popped by for dinner.


Adam's Indian Rojak

We don't eat Indian rojak very often, but Adam's Indian Rojak ($3 minimum order) sure is tempting. Items are thickly coated with a flour batter and deep-fried to perfection. A robust punchy sauce, redolent of nuts and sugar, lends a lively tone to the fried mains. A must-order is the tempe, which boasts beautifully nutty overtones.


Ibrahim Mee Stall

My pick of the mamak stalls here at Adam Road, the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis at Ibrahim Mee Stall ($4) is imbued with the char of a hot wok, every rice grain smoky and flavoursome. This was tasty on its own even without the ketchup strewn all over.

I prefer my noodles, and got the Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis ($4), which was similarly fragrant and delicious.


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