Kuvo, Orchard

Kuvo seems to have a knack of picking the worst rentals: it was first at Marina Square, a shopping centre lost in a black hole deep in the Suntec area; and then now at Orchard Shopping Centre, a mall with near-zero shopper traffic. I don't know how it's endured this long, or how much longer the intrepid restaurant withstands the test of time; Kuvo was pretty bare when we visited on a public holiday for dinner.

Part of the TCC group, Kuvo's food is surprisingly commendable, the ambience is tranquil and chic, and the service is warm and friendly. With such attributes, it's a wonder why they're not doing a roaring business.

The excellent Portobello Mushroom Potage ($9), lush with white truffle oil, possessed an Asian flair with the use of shitake mushrooms. Wonderfully comforting and an absolute must-try.

The Kuvo Coffee Hot Wings ($14) was paired with baby carrot crudites and a blue cheese dip to douse the fiery heat of the fried chicken, which was stellar, well-marinated and burnished with a well-balanced bittersweet glaze.

The English Scotch Egg with Tuna ($14) blanketed with a melted edam and bathed in a red wine onion jus, was one of the best renditions of scotch eggs ever.

The yolk was perfectly oozy, and the individual components were brilliantly harmonized. 

The Slipper Lobster Laksa Lemak ($14 for small bites portion) like a cross between the tangy Penang-style assam laksa and the local coconut milk-heavy renditions. This was bright and light but also rich and creamy, overall a lovely balancing act.

The King Prawn Noodle Soup ($14 for small bites portion), chunked up with pork slices, fish cake, baby spinach and fresh sprouts swimming in a opulent prawn broth, held its own against the better of many hawker renditions. Dump the entire saucer of belachan-centric sambal for a lively kick.

321 Orchard Road
Orchard Shopping Centre Level 3
Tel: 6733 8272
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 12noon to 1am;
Fridays and Saturdays from 12noon to 2am
Website: kuvo.com.sg

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Trinity said...

Hi I was checking for places for steam boat & chance upon your blog!
Interesting restaurant, I think I'll go support them after your review ...lol..
Sometimes it's hard as rentals are so expensive, so these businesses ,have no choice but go where rental is lower- It's unfortunate,especially if it's good.

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