Common Man Coffee Roasters, Martin Road

It's been a while since we last had brunch. It's been even longer since we were in Singapore over a long Public Holiday-ed weekend. Instead of going away as per standard long weekend practice, we took it easy and stayed in, napped a whole lot, made a substantial dent in our alcohol stash, and binged watched the telly. We also indulged in the ultimate weekend activity - brunch!

Because we only woke up after 2pm, we narrowly missed the regular brunch hours of most brunch spots. So, we headed to Common Man Coffee Roasters ("CMCR"), a buzzy cafe situated below Bochinche where breakfast was actually available all-day. It was just as well we only got to CMCR in the late afternoon, we'd have to queue otherwise at the popular joint. Even at 4pm in the late afternoon, CMCR was swarming with expats and their SPG-hanger-ons, and teenybopper/YA hipster sorts.

Suffice it to say, I didn't like the ambience. The pretentiousness was exacerbated by how intrusively close the tables were to one another. I could hear everything our neighbouring diners were chatting about. I caught wind of the young boy on my right telling his army buddy that he's targeting to get married within a year of dating a girl. Hello, many due diligence for mergers/acquisitions take longer than that! I was sorely tempted to warn him that he's likely to become a statistic to our skyrocketing divorce rates. Or the couple of frivolous girls on my left who were whinging the lack of good guys. And yes, you guessed it; I was also very tempted to introduce them to the boys on my right. The Hubs and I wisely kept our conversation conservatively impersonal, and discussed the shocking developments in the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

That being said, the saving grace was that the food and service were, at least, faultless. The breakfast eggs were innovative, hearty and delicious, while service was spontaneous and upbeat.

A popular mainstay, the Organic Eggs Benedict ($24), layered with luscious braised ox cheeks, a velvety smooth chive hollandaise, and toasted sourdough, was contrasted with the peppery kick of arugula leaves.

Another signature, the Turkish Common Man Breakfast ($25) comprised a duo of phyllo-crusted soft-boiled organic eggs on a hummus bed, flecked with battered feta, olives, arugula, pickled cucumbers and fresh tomato slices, all ready to be mopped up by soft pita bread. I liked the bright and tangy flavours in this one.

Those watching their waistlines should do well to get the Sauteed Kale & Egg White Scramble ($19) tossed with snow peas, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potato leaves, seasoned with lemon zest crumbs and showered over with grated parmesan wisps. Light and healthy without compromising on taste.

Common Man Coffee Roasters is renowned for their coffees (it is in their name afterall), and the Latte ($5 each) a swan for moi and a standard flower for the Hubs, was potent, rich, and robust.

Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road #01-00
Tel: 6836 4695
Open daily from 7.30am to 6pm
Website: commonmancoffeeroasters.com

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