Sari Ratu, Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is a veritable trove of cheap eats in Orchard Road, and while it's a hub for many of our foreign labourers, you do spot the occasional blinged-out Indonesian tai tai. Distinguished by their towering coifs, these ladies of leisure are possibly patients at the adjoining medical centre, or very likely, patrons of Sari Ratu. A new-ish nasi padang chain originating from Indonesia, the unassuming eatery has garnered quite the following, and amongst the majority working class, can count the well-heeled expat Indonesians part of their posse. Yes, in spite of the spartan and low-frilled setup, the punchy, authentic, delicious fare is evidently a big draw. 

As with most nasi padang stalls, go early for the complete gamut of offerings. Once past the peak lunch hours, you'll be relegated to the breast meat sections of everything.

They've another branch at Arab Street enclave, but this is much more convenient to get to. Besides, you can always shop off the heavy meal thereafter.

Can you believe this entire meal cost under 30 buckaroos?!It's little wonder it's always a full house come lunchtime.

The best of the lot was the Ayam Gulai ($5.50), or chicken curry, served in a pre-heated miniature claypot. Only the breast meat was left for the taking but oh was it phenomenal. It was wonderfully moist and the creamy curry was sumptuous.

The Sayur Lodeh ($2.50) could do with a little more heft, but this was still scrumptious to the very last drop.

The Hard Boiled Egg ($1.50) was enlivened by that fantastic homemade sambal, fiery and sweet and tangy all at once. This was so spicy it made me tear up.

The Curried Hard-Boiled Egg ($1.50) was nice, but a tad middling when held up against the other egg above.

The Daging Rendang Minang ($4) was beautifully spiced, but disappointingly dry.

The Ayam Kampong ($5) the chicken version, fared better, even with breast meat; the nutty, smoky accents of the rempah helped keep the meat moist and tender.

Sari Ratu
Lucky Plaza #02-107
304 Orchard Road
Tel: 6294 9983
Open daily from 10am to 9pm
Website: sariratu.sg

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