L'entrecote the French Brasserie

The Hubs' been feeling more like 'The Tubbs' lately, so we thought we'd cut out carbs for the week. Our first attempt at a carb-free diet was dinner at L'entrecote, a French steakhouse renown for offering just 1 dish - steak and fries. To be as successful as it is, over just a single offering, is no mean feat, so we thought their steak had got to be something special.

It was ironic then, that the steak turned out disappointingly pedestrian, while the carby sides fared fantastically. So much for our diet plans...it apparently tanked spectacularly...oh well! On the upside, the price-points were affordably-mass-market and wallet-friendly. Just be sure to tamper your expectations accordingly.

Service was a tad surly, and inexplicably, hurried. They kept returning to clear our plates despite my clear intention to nibble through my rice and cheese languidly. It was quite the throwback to my childhood, when I was pressured to finish my dinner fast.

The Entrecote Steak ($29.90 for classic), trimmed and served with a mustard-tinged gravy, and shoestring fries, was nice in an amateur-ish way, and far from outstanding. And, despite the menu's claim that the sauce was "legendary", I thought the mustard's sharp bite overwhelmed the steak.  

The Walnut Salad, a ride-along to the steak, was pleasant, but also uninspired.

The Le Bar ($17), a moist flaky seabass fillet with a medley of steamed root vegetables and a delicate lemon butter sauce was pretty decent. I thought the vegetables were superb, mostly because the butter coating was simply luscious. 

We opted for a premium alternative of Truffle Fries (+$3 for unlimited flow) to the usual fries, which was superb as well. Wonderfully aromatic and crisp.

The other white meat, Le Poulet ($14), a succulent roasted chicken fillet, was sided by an amazingly addictive buttered rice and steamed vegetables. I'd return just for the rice alone, it's that awesome.

Cheese aficionados will love the Le Fromage ($20), a slab of aged brie accented with black truffle and accompanied by a bunch of walnuts and crusty baguette. This was just glorious, the heady fragrance of truffle balanced out by the sharp pungency of the cheese.

The Coulant Caramel au Beurre Sale ($15) of salted butter caramel lava cake sounded promising, but was more kueh-like than cake-like. Really mediocre stuff. They'd run out of ice-cream so we got this with a moist warm gooey chocolate mousse instead.

L'entrecote the French Brasserie
Suntec City B1-128
Tel: 6690 7569
Open daily from 11.30am to 9.30pm
Website: lentrecote.sg


yixiao said...

Ran out of ice cream?! Scare bleu! Hello, supermarket?

Ok, I need to chill...

Bern said...

and to think Giant was just next door!! hahahaa...

afhstingray said...

we went to the outlet near clake quay for our anniversary, ordered the rib roast .it was heavenly. they say its for 2 pax but im pretty sure it can feed 3. We took away the leftovers and briefly simmered it in a little sukiyaki sauce with shimijei mushrooms and made an entire meal out of the leftovers the following day!
service was great, they even gave us dessert on the house due to the occasion. I have seen comments online that the outlet we went to is the better one

Bern said...

@afhstingray: ahhh...may just give L'entrecote another chance and hit up the clarke quay one!!

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