Oh yes, I'm back at SPRMRKT. I'm on a quest to bring as many people to SPRMRKT and make as many fans out of them as possible. This time round, I brought Beeps, Suz and Kimchi to my favourite lunch spot for a leisurely lunch (CC the boss was away, you see, so we could afford a relatively long-ish lunch...shh!).

The Pasta Carbonara ($14), with fresh, not dried, purr-fectly al dente pasta, was awesome. It was balanced and nuanced and although rich and flavoursome and creamy, never bordered on cloying. I loved the softly poached egg hidden deep in the centre of the mound. One of the best, and definitely memorable versions of this classic Italian pasta around.

The Pulled Pork Sandwich Toast ($10) was stuffed with tender, juicy chunks of seasoned spiced pork, made sweet with caramelized onions, and kept fresh and light with crisp lettuce. A most satisfying sandwich.

The Sausages and Mash ($16), with a duo of herbed and garlicky beef sausage (because the kurobuta pork ones had run out by 1pm!), was a little drier than I'd like, but the saving grace was the caramelized onions dolloped upon the sausages. They were sweet and juicy and rich, imparting much needed flavour and moistness to the meaty, textured sausages. The garlic butter fork-mashed potatoes were also really delicious, which explains why I bothered to take the trouble to pick out the plentiful parsley bits laced into it!

The Breakfast Croissant ($7), with tuna mayo, was also very commendable. Think buttery, flaky, freshly baked bread, refreshingly crisp lettuce and creamy mayo-ed tuna. Delicious.

The chicken mayo version of the Breakfast Croissant ($7) involved chunks of succulent chicken breast strips doused in creamy mayo and served refreshingly chilled.

I love the Shoestring Fries ($5). Slightly spicy, slighty sweet, and salty enough, this was totally addictive and an absolute must-try here.

2 McCallum Street
Tel: 6221 2105
Open Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 9pm;
Saturdays from 9am to 4pm
Closed on Sundays
Website: www.sprmrkt.com.sg


Oysterdiaries said...

you are making me look forward to working at the CBD haha.

Bern said...

When do u finish school??

Oysterdiaries said...

2014. should be starting work in December 2014 :D

but then again... crowds in the CBD are mad at lunch time! Probably won't have time for long lunches as a practice trainee haha.

Bern said...

u're studying law? nice. didn't know that. and oh yes, u'll probably be slogging away during lunchtime as a trainee. but, it really depends where u go. where u doin' ur training contract?

Anonymous said...

I wish I can go try it soon but now that I am in the afternoon session, Saturdays are days for me to catch up on sleep :( the squid ink fish and chips you mentioned before seems really interesting!

Do you work around SGX? It seems like it cos you seem to go to the direction of Amoy Street or Asia Square for work lunches!


Bern said...

whoa, yes! that was very astute!

Oysterdiaries said...

I first figured out you were a lawyer when I read the two extensive clauses you have right at the end of your blog ;)

A&G. yea all part of the job! I'm looking forward to working (i'll eat my words in a few years time) actually.

Bern said...

hahahaa! oh yes, u won't see the light of day then!

Ming Xia said...

Is sprmrkt quiet ? Is it like a hidden cafe ? Whr do u recomment if i wna go to hidden and oso good cafes.

Bern said...

sprmrkt is only quiet on the weekends. otherwise, the office lunchtime crowd inevitably finds it on weekdays. for hidden cafes, u can try symmetry at jln kubor. or maison ikkoku along kandahar st. they can get crowded at certain times though, but if you go during off-peak hours, it should be fine. i like both their food. happy eating!

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