Maison Kayser, Scotts Square

I've mentioned before that the best croissants are to be found at Antoinette. So I was curious when Maison Kayser, an artisanal bakery, opened to rave reviews. Apparently, their breads were awesome, and their croissants were touted to be the best around. 

Well, I had tea with a girlfriend there recently and took the opportunity to get a couple of their baked goods. My verdict is to stick to their breads, which you can takeaway from the bakery, and avoid their mains. While their breads are indeed awesome, their other stuff were relatively sub-par.

We started off on a high note with the Croissant ($2.43), an aromatic, fresh out of the oven confection. Its crisp flaky exterior peeled away to reveal soft chewy and airy insides. It was totally addictive. I had 2 at the bistro and additionally "dabao-ed" home another 3 for the Hubs (okay okay, so I ate 2 of the 3...it was just that good!). It's definitely comparable with Antoinette's version, and a worthwhile alternative. Anytime Antoinette runs out of their croissants, I'll know where else to get my croissant fix! If I had to choose between the two, I'd say that Antoinette trumps Maison Kayser, because their mains, and not just their breads, are delicious.

The Tuna Sandwich ($10.65 for the lunch set with a soup), with emmental cheese, cucumbers and tuna mayo (made unique with the addition of diced pickles) wedged between a crusty ciabatta, didn't fare as well. It was a little plainish, plus, it didn't help that the cucumbers were bitter. This needed a lot more flavour and richness, maybe I should have gotten a more flavoursome bread like the croissant or foccacia.

The Cream of Broccoli (soup-of-the-day part of the lunch set) had way too much milk and cream but too little broccoli. It was insipid and watery, a poor rendition of one of my favourite creamed soups. I could hardly make out a taste the broccoli in this. 

Maison Kayser
6 Scotts Road
#B1-09 Scotts Square
Tel: 6636 3672
Open daily from 8am to 11pm


Anonymous said...

And the tiong bahru one? Prof.

Bern said...

Overpriced and way overhyped. Their croissants are nowhere as good as Antoinette's or Maison Kayser's.

stargirl said...

*drools* good croissants are so fluffy that it's too easy to eat too many of them!

Bern said...

hahahaa!! That's exactly what i did!

Anonymous said...

Why is the broccoli soup white in colour?

Bern said...

Dunno man. too much water and milk? We immediately knew it was gonna taste bad the second we laid eyes on the soup. it wasn't pure white in colour, but very mint green. like a super icy mint green colour. no wonder we could hardly taste the broccoli.

Anonymous said...

the ciabatta looks bleached! urgh!

Bern said...

i dont know abt that man. it did strike me as very fair-coloured though. but, i dont regularly eat ciabatta so i'm clearly not an expert on this.

ben said...

you should try their baguettes - apparently how the guy made his name in the first place. i was rather blown away when i had one from their new shop they just opened here in new york. i didn't bother with their cafe dishes - i was there for the baked goods!

Bern said...

thanks for the tip...Will takeaway a loaf the next time i'm there to takeaway their baked stuff!

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