Twinpalms Room Service, Phuket, Thailand

We stayed at Twinpalms this time round in Phuket, and as per standard operating procedure, we ordered room service (we think it's important to check out a hotel's room service standard everytime we travel).

Although the room service menu's very limited, the dishes are delicious. Apart from the limited variety, it was a little disappointing that the room service was only available until 10pm. After that, there are only 3 dishes available for order if you were hungry in the middle of the night - a club sandwich, a fried rice and a cake.

The Thod Mun Goong (THB250), chunky juicy shrimp cake donuts strung through a lemongrass and served with sweet chilli dip, was very good, on par with Kan Eang 2's version but still fell short of Trisara's standard.

While the crispy "mee sua" Phuket noodle wrapping of the Goong Sarong (THB250), deep fried prawns, were super yummy, the prawns were waaay too fried, these ended up a little dried out.  Like the prawn cakes, these were similarly served with sweet chilli dip, with a twist of diced mangoes for extra sweetness.

The Gai Phad Med Mamuang (THB350) wok-fried sliced chicken breast with roasted cashew nuts had a very nice smoky element to it. The chicken was moist and tender and very simply flavoured with the aroma of dried chillis and onions.

The Gaeng Karee Gai (THB450) yellow peranakan chicken curry with potato and onions totally packed a punch. Now THAT'S what I call a good potent curry. Rich, thick and creamy, this was very good. Even if it was mostly chicken breast. (I much prefer chicken thigh meat to the breast portion)

The Hubs loved the Nua Phad Kaprao (THB450) stir fried beef tenderloin with chilli, garlic and hot basil. The beef was tender but not artificially so, and this was full of flavour. It was peppery, spicy and rich all at once.

The Hubs also loved that he got a beef version of the classic Thai Massaman curry, Massaman Nua (THB450) with cashew nuts. This curry had a more smoky, nutty, roasted tinge to it compared to the chicken curry, which complemented the full bodied beef just right.

We loved the Kao Phad (THB280) well executed fried rice with moist pork topped with fried egg.

We loved the Phad Thai Goong (THB350) perfectly fried rice noodles with plentiful fresh prawns and eggs, beansprouts and beancurd, well flavoured, striking the right balance between the sweet and savoury.

The Tiramisu (THB200) seemed more like a pudding at first, but this totally packs whopping amount of coffee liquer, this is definitely meant for adult only, delicious.

While we're on the subject of alcohol, the welcome drinks at Twinpalms were very "strong" cosmopolitans, how awesome is that? I got drunk in the middle of the afternoon right when I arrived at Twinpalms, which just knocked me out while getting in a massage. Best feeling ever.

The Mango Sticky Rice (THB230) with fresh coconut cream was one of the more memorable ones we've had. The rice was moist and sticky, mangoes were just ripened and sweet, and the coconut cream was served on the side so we get to control the sweetness of the rice.

What struck us about the Breakfast (complimentary and, like Trisara, can be eaten at the restaurant or delivered to your room) was the freshly blended Juices, pulp, fibre and all. We had the watermelon, pineapple and orange juices, all super fresh and full of fibre.

We loved how the Cafe Latte was embossed with the Twinpalms' logo, how's that for branding? That said, amazing coffees here at Twinpalms. Rich, creamy and full of body.

We mostly stuck to our favourites, scrambled and sunny side up eggs with very meaty sliced ham and chicken sausages. We loved that the ham was the proper, freshly sliced off a full roast and full of texture kind and not those mass-produced generic, supermarket-brand types. Not too big a fan of the sausages though, not enough of a meaty rough texture that I so love.

The selection of Viennoiseries served with butter, margarine preserves, and nutella(yums!). We loved chomping on these throughout the entire day, while lazing by the pool.

We'd also requested an entire platter of just Croissants, because they were oh-so-very-good. These were buttery, flaky and totally melt-in-your-mouth.

Seasonal fresh fruit plate, ripe, sweet and juicy.

The next day the pineapples were switched out for dragonfruit(?).

Twinpalms Phuket
Surin Beach
Website: twinpalms-phuket.com


FoodieFC said...

wonder how they fried the mee sua such that its not oily.

Bern said...

Right temperature b4 frying and proper draining after. The fried "mee sua" wrapping part is damn shiok.

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