Thai Phuket Airport Restaurant

The Thai restaurant helmed by the catering arm of Thai Airways is the last bastion of great Thai food before you leave Phuket. Having your last Phuket meal here will end with you leaving Phuket on a very high note. I can't understand why so very few people know about this place, because it's easily accessible and the food here is absolutely delicious! I'm thinking maybe it's because people see the Thai Airways logo and mistakenly think that the restaurant is reserved for airport staff only?

Well, I think this Thai Airways restaurant is sooooo much better than going to Burger King or Subway to eat. We've been eating here since forever! Well, every time we're at Phuket Airport, that is.

After checking in, take the only escalator up to the 3rd floor, which is only 1 floor above the check in counters, and head to the restaurant, which bears the Thai Airways logo. You can't miss it, it's right in front of the escalator.

We had the Stir Fried Noodles (THB145) with shrimp. This was super yummy. The rice noodles were fried just right, smoky, not too oily, with a soft and chewy texture, and seasoned simply with soy and oyster sauce. Toss in some scrambled eggs, green leafy vegetables, baby corn, carrots and sweet prawns, and you get a simple but very well executed dish.

Their Tom Yum Goong (THB265), spicy prawn soup with lemongrass, is one of the hottest ones I've encountered. It's tongue-numbingly hot and the heat burns all the way from your throat to your stomach. This has a richly sweet (but not cloying because of the equally distinctive sour overtones) prawn base, and packed with straw mushrooms and a couple of huge prawns.

There's no need for more than 2 prawns, because, as you can well see, the king prawns are HUGE.

Thai Restaurant & Catering Services
Phuket Airport
Level 3

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