Pizza Hut, Funan DigitaLife Mall

I met up with Jal here for our monthly lunch meet-ups. Pizza Hut, like Pastamania, is one of those places I'd never eat at if not for Jal. But, Pizza Hut, like Pastamania, is halal certified, which means that it makes for a viable lunch option for Jal.

Compared to the rest of the bustling eateries in Funan, Pizza Hut is like a peaceful oasis. This is one place you can be sure of a quiet chat with your lunch companion. While service can be a bit choppy and hesitant, the food wasn't too bad. Well, it could be that I had the lowest of expectations walking in. That said, their set lunches are quite a steal, with a main, soup and a drink costing barely 13 bucks making for a decently substantive meal. And you get to choose between 2 different mains for the sets.

The Cheez Shroomies Wrap Thursday Set Lunch ($12.90), a tortilla wrap filled with button mushrooms, onions, garlic and dressed with grilled cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese was nicely toasted and generously stuffed. Sides of crisp waffle fries and a mesclun salad completed the really quite decent meal.

While the Chicken Vegetable Soup of The Day ($3.50) was a tad MSG-influenced, it was still tasty and the chicken chunks were relatively succulent and tasty.

Pizza Hut
103 North Bridge Road
#03-05 Funan DigitaLife Mall
Tel: 6339 8487
Open daily from 11am to 10pm
Website: www.pizzahut.com.sg

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