Balestier Hui Kee Wanton Mee, Zhongshan Park

We hardly, if ever, eat at a food court. More often than not, the food is sub-par to whatever you can get at an actual hawker centre. Yes, there's the air-conditioning, which in sooo much more comfortable than the sweltering heat of our tropical "alfrescos"...but I'd rather sweat it out with properly good food at a hawker centre than eat mediocre food , sweat-free, at a food court.

That being said... I recently heard that there was excellent wanton mee to be found at a food court in Zhongshan Park (which is surprising coz the mall isn't really renown for its dining options), and so, we just had to check it out. Besides, it's where we like to do our grocery shopping (PSA: the NTUC here is da best!! And while the supermarket is under its 'Finest' brand, prices here are akin to the regular ol' standard NTUC brand...also, parking for the first 2 hours is free on weekends!! #cheaptrillsinlife), so it wasn't too much trouble popping by whilst picking up toilet paper.

Anyways...apparently, this Hui Kee Wanton Mee was a 2nd-generation spinoff from the now-defunct original at Balestier Market opposite the mall. I like it, and the Hubs loves it (and he's no fan of wantan mee, so that's saying something), and we've returned several times to pick up takeaways.

What stood out in the Wanton Mee ($5) was the char siew (barbecued pork). These were thick slices, luscious and flavoursome, with just a hint of smoky char. Ooh, the chilli too, which punchy robust notes slicked the springy noodles and pulled the whole dish together. The wantons were a little forgettable, but the chilli really helped enliven it.

The Combo Plate ($6) is what I call the dieter's option. Sans noodles, this was simply the "meat" of the dish slathered in that fantastic chilli sauce.

The stall facade for reference, but really, you can't miss it. It's the only wanton noodle stall in the tiny food court.

The Original Hui Kee Wanton Mee
Food Fair @ Zhongshan Park
20 Ah Hood Road
Tel: 9628 4668 / 9720 3691
Open daily from 9.30am to 2.30pm;
and 3.30pm to 7pm
Facebook Website

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