Super Loco

I've just noticed a proliferation of Mexican restaurants on our little island. Not that any spawn of the Latin American movement was of personal significance, really, as I've never really been a fan of Mexican fare (they add cilantro in every-freaking-thing!). But I'll readily admit that I haven't ever had truly honest-to-goodness authentic Mexican food...so maybe I haven't given Mexican cuisine a fair shake.

Until we came across Super Loco, sister restaurant to Duxton Hill resident Lucha Loco. We were at Robertson Quay and in desperate need of sustenance. Super Loco caught our eye, mostly because we were mighty tickled by its moniker, as "loco" also means "crazy". Yes, there's a part of me, that infantile, forever-Peter Pan part of me who laughs at childish things such as this. I'm glad our immature selves led us to Super Loco, as dinner turned out a fantastic immersion in Mexican grub.

The open-air bistro is casual and breezy, in no small part due to its riverside locale. Loud music blares out the speakers, lending to a convivial atmosphere. Service was upbeat and infectious,  inspite of the lack of a service charge. We liked our personable service very much, so we tipped them well.

That said, the food was ah-mazing! If Super Loco is what Mexican food is all about, I'm ready for an exchange to Acapulco. Or Cabo. Everything was just fresh, crisp and well-balanced. For Mexican food-virgins, the staff will assist in deciphering the menu.

A ubiquitous Mexican street snack, the Elotes ($8) was a whole knob of juicy corn grilled to smoky perfection, and schmeared with chipotle mayo and cotija cheese. I love corn, but this was out-of-this-world sublime. For sure a must-try.

The Quesadillas Pollo ($16), mini sandwiches of corn tortilla stuffed with spice roasted diced chicken, refried black bean, oozy Monterey jack, was flavoured with oregano for a nuanced rounded flavour. Absolutely smashing. This was sided by pico de gallo and salsa verde, both of which were laced with cilantro, so I gave them a hard pass.

A recommended main, the Cerdo en Nogada ($30) comprised luscious fillets of spice-rubbed pork set atop walnut cream flecked with nubbins of pomegranate seeds and golden tequila raisins for a fruity sweetness, spiked with slivers of poblano chiles for a subtle heat, and finished with a dusting of spicy paprika. Wonderfully harmonious, the delicate seasoning served to highlight the freshness of the pork.

Another entree we loved was the Robalo con Maiz y Mojo ($28), a trio of pan-seared seabass fillets, adorned simply with a wedge of lemon, a jalapeno & sweet corn salad, and herbed salsa. Loved the crisp of the fish, and incredible sweetness of the corn kernels.

The signature dessert, the Super Churros ($13) was coated generously with cinnamon sugar. Good on its own, I thought the tart raspberry compote was a fitter contrast than the bittersweet chocolate syrup. The Hubs disagrees, but then again, he's the chocolate lover, and I'm not.

If you get to Super Loco early enough, hit up the happy hour specials. It's pretty limited (you're restricted to the bottled beer or one type of margarita), but it's so cheap you wouldn't care anyway. The Frozen Lucha Margarita ($9 happy hour price), a zesty blend of Cimarron Bianco tequila, agave, and lime was quite the potent refresher.

Super Loco
60 Robertson Quay
The Quayside #01-13
Tel: 6235 8900
Open Mondays to Thursdays from 5pm to 12midnight;
Fridays from 5pm to 1am;
Saturdays from 10am to 1am;
Sundays from 10am to 12midnight
Website: super-loco.com

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