Korat Thai Cafe

Korat Thai rounds off the trio of Thai eateries scattered in Orchard Towers, the other two being Cafe Sapunsa and Thai Tantric. We rotate between the 3, depending on whichever is the least busy. The Muslim-friendly Korat Thai doesn't do pork, but that lacuna is offset by the excellent finesse of the fresh and sweet seafood.

Straightforward and rustic, the food at Korat Thai boasts big bold flavours. The Hubs says this is like the best of Thai street food that you could possibly find in Singapore, but in air-conditioned comfort and at prices reflective of an Orchard Road tenant. That said, Korat Thai's "premium prices" are cheaper than at fine-dining Patara, Tamarind Hill or Sabai.

Like Cafe Supunsa and Thai Tantric, the tiny stall gets crazy-mobbed and service consequently choppy and dour, but who cares about good service when the fantastic food's all the draw you need.

The Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic & Pepper ($10.90), fried to a crisp and intoxicatingly aromatic (but a nightmare for those wanting a little after-dinner nookie), was a must-try.

The golden crumbed Prawn Cakes ($10.90) were beautifully crunchy on the outside, and scrumptiously juicy on the inside. A most addictive tv-snack now that all of my favourite shows have returned with the advent of fall.

The Paneang Curry Chicken ($10.90) may look like an ugly sludge, because the kitchen held off 'everything green', including the kaffir lime leaves, when I asked to hold off any parsley/cilantro/coriander leaves, but wowza, tasted heavenly. This was smooth and creamy, and boasted a robust spiced kick. A must-try.

The most surprising thing about the Seafood Fried Kway Teow ($6.50) was how well the squid was cooked. This may not have the distinctive char of 'breath of wok', but the noodles were comfortingly delicious, and the squid, while little in portion, was perfectly soft with the slightest chewy texture.

Korat Thai Cafe
Orchard Towers #03-28
Orchard Road
Tel: 6736 2282
Open daily from 6pm to 3am

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