Mr & Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata

Although a relative newbie in the hawker scene, Mr & Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata have been consistently ranked as one of the top roti prata vendors in Singapore. Manned by the gentle, soft-spoken couple whose eponymous stall is distinguished by its unabating lines, you're happy to wait in a stuffy, old-school coffeeshop that's as dank as it is rank. Because you're ultimately rewarded for your sweaty efforts with a heaping plate of the best prata I've had in a very long time. 

I'm partial to Egg Prata ($1.40), and these were beautifully crispy, torched with a golden hue, while fluffy and chewy inside. What's most surprising, however, was how little ghee and oil was used; there was hardly a trace of oil left on the plate when I was done. The default curry accompanying pratas is the Dhal Cha, a thick, beany yellow lentil-based curry that the chilli-averse will likely take to. Should you prefer a more meaty or spicier curry, there's the fish or the mutton.

Mr & Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata
7 Crane Road
Open Thursdays to Monday from 6.30am to 1.30pm;
Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

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