Vegetarian Paneang Curry

I thought I'd make a vegetarian version of the chicken panang curry I learnt to make in Koh Samui. Whoever said vegetarian food had to be boring and/or tasteless? 

Ingredients (feeds 6 pax):
8 cups broccoli florets
4 cups baby corn, cut into 1" lengths
8 cups oyster mushrooms (fresh shitake, white buttons are great substitutes)
4 cups carrots, diced into 1" cubes
8 tbsp heaps curry paste
8 kaffir lime leaves, deveined and julienned into fine strips
2 large red chillis, deseeded and sliced into fine strips
1 cup fresh coconut milk
4 tsp fish sauce
2 tsp fine white sugar
8 tbsp canola oil
3 cups vegetable stock

1) Fry paste in oil until browned and toasty, add carrots to fry for a minute on medium-high heat.

2) Add mushrooms to fry until water released is almost evaporated.

3) Add baby corn to fry for about a minute.

4) Add broccoli to fry for a minute.

5) Add stock, fish sauce, sugar, fresh chilli and kaffir lime leaves, and stir until bubbling. Turn off heat and add coconut milk, stirring through, just before serving.

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