Holland V. Fried Beehoon, Holland Village Market & Food Centre

I've recently developed a craving for economic fried bee hoon. Ever since the Albert Court one closed down, I haven't really had great economic noodles. As it turns out, very few places offer this local staple. And even if they do, such stalls only do an early breakfast business, and close by mid morning! I'm only awake after noon on weekends! Why is it that the simplest things are often the most difficult to find? 

We'd heard about the economic bee hoon at Holland Village and my rumbling tummy woke us up early one weekend morning to try it out. Walking into the tiny food centre, the un-miss-able stall is distinguished by its snaking queue. And while the queue does moves quickly, it doesn't abate! We sat there for half an hour and everytime it seemed that the queue was subsiding, a couple more customers would arrive and order like a whole bunch of noodles.

We didn't quite understand the fanbase though. The noodles, at only $2.30, while cheap, were ordinary and far from rave-worthy. It's not bad, but compared to the Albert Court one, this was lacking both in the flavour and wok hei departments. The accompaniments didn't fare too well either. The fried egg was overcooked, while the cabbage was underseasoned and luncheon meat underfried. The sambal chilli was decent though, spicy and with a rich dried shrimpy base.

Ah well, we'll just have to keep looking out for great economic noodles, and till then, please share your personal recommendations of great economic bee hoon!

The shop facade for reference.

Holland V. Fried Bee Hoon
Holland Village Market & Food Centre
1 Lorong Mambong
Open daily from 6am to 2pm

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FoodieFC said...

Normally nothing beats homecook beehoon!

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