Paradise Inn, Funan Digitalife Mall

Paradise Inn is possibly the only choice for homestyled no-fuss Cantonese cuisine at Funan. Although I much prefer Crystal Jade Kitchen, its direct competitor, for its better quality of Cantonese food, Paradise Inn does win in one aspect, which is its wide array of double-boiled tonic soups with a local flavour. The kind you always enjoy in the comfort of your grandmother's home.

I met up with Adee at Funan for lunch after having had a conference at the High Court opposite. Adee works in the surrounding area so it's super convenient for him to just walk over for lunch.

We started off with the appetizer of Cold Tofu with Century Egg ($6.90), a refreshingly cool start to the meal. Very clean and clear flavours here, with only a pool of very delicate soy for taste.

The Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio ($14.90) and minced pork in superior stock had huge roasted garlic bulbs added for a grounded garlicky element. The stock had a bit of egg yolk stirred into it so it had a rich milky texture.

No visit to Paradise Inn is complete without a pot of their soups. We had the Double Boiled Pig Stomach ($14.90) with spark ribs and white pepper, reputed to dispel wind and stave off colds in strengthening the stomach, a peppery concoction of pork-bone goodness.

Paradise Inn
109 North Bridge Road
#02-10/11 Funan DigitaLife Mall
Tel: 6338 4018
Open daily from 11.30am to 9.30pm
Website: www.paradiseinn.com.sg/


FoodieFC said...

Cold Tofu with Century Egg ? Hmmmm, did not know such a combination works!

Bern said...

It somehow works...it's the Chinese version of the Korean cold tofu with kimchi banchan!

Anonymous said...

Btw, what has happenned to you lately, are you off Korean food?


Bern said...

Not many places in SG to eat Korean food...Korean food in SG pales in comparison to those found in the dingiest and simplest of places in Seoul.

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